Heart Health- Stress

Feb 8, 2017

Stress can be a major factor in the Heart Health puzzle, so it’s important that you recognize the signs of stress and find constructive ways to manage it.  Think about how stress affects you.  Do you get headaches, back or neck aches?  Do you clench your jaw or feel tired often for no reason?  Do you feel anxious or tense?  These could be some physical manifestations of stress in your life.

Take a little time to de-stress everyday to maintain optimum heart health.  This could be as simple as repeating positive affirmations while sitting at your desk, trying a few yoga poses before bedtime, starting a bucket list, getting involved in a book club or other social outlet, or taking a walk at the park.  If things are getting out of hand quickly, remember to breathe, count to ten, or simply walk away from a stressful situation.  Daily relaxation can go a long way to improve your mood and stress level.