Juicer Pulp

Jan 6, 2017

Many people have discovered the joy of juicing.  It tastes great and does wonders for your health.  But what do you do with all that left-over pulp?  You could bake it into a batch of bran muffins for a little extra fiber, or sneak vegetable pulp into your macaroni and cheese recipe for an extra serving of vegetables.  Here’s a great way to flavor your morning bagel with that left-over pulp.

Start with half a cup of juicer pulp and mix with a cup of cream cheese.  The type of pulp you have will flavor the cream cheese, so experiment with different mixtures.  You can also puree berries for a berry flavored cream cheese spread.  Add a teaspoon of honey for sweetener, or flavor your vegetable mixture with sea salt and dill.  Whip the concoction in your mixer for a smooth texture.