Maximize Pantry Space

Feb 22, 2017

It has happened to all of us: you open the pantry door and can’t find anything!  When your cupboards are a jumbled mess, finding ingredients can take longer than actually cooking dinner.  Maximize pantry space and keep things organized by installing shelves on the door and adding under-shelf baskets.   If you find there’s not enough space in the cupboard for all your spices, put them on display on the counter top in clear glass jars.  

Since cake stands don’t get much use, put them on double duty as two tiered storage for small items and dishes.  Save even more space by getting snack bags off the shelf and on the wall – mount a strip of wood to the wall and glue clips on to create a vertical snack station.  Organize so that the most common items you use are the easiest to access.  Whether you use baskets to corral items, or Mason jars so you can see ingredients, it takes just a little organization to maximize time and space!