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  Earth Sense is a one minute program that offers tips on how listeners can go green and save money. From ways to boost fuel economy while driving, to improving the efficiency of an HVAC system, to where and how to recycle many items in the home.

Earth Sense Archive (January 2011- August 2014)

Ways to Connect

We all have that t-shirt that has been worn one too many times, or a pair of jeans that is on its last leg.  But before you throw out or give away your old clothes, think about repurposing them into items you can use.  With a few modifications, that old t-shirt could become a produce bag you can re-use and enjoy every time you go to the store.  And if you have a large pile of jeans that your family has outgrown or worn out, cut them into long strips and weave a new rug for the family room. 

Apple Cider Vinegar

Mar 29, 2017

The benefits of drinking apple cider vinegar have been touted for years now; they range from boosting energy to helping in the digestion process, and even killing the bacteria that cause bad breath.  If you’re ready to try apple cider vinegar, consider that, like other vinegars, it is very acidic so dilute it – add one tablespoon (or 2 at the most) to a glass of water.  If you drink it straight, it will be very painful. 

NASA Image and Video Gallery

It’s been in the news quite a bit already this year, and South Carolina is already gearing up for an influx of tourists on August 21st.  It’s on that day the moon will completely block the sun and daytime will become a deep twilight.  Many observers who have witnessed a total solar eclipse have described it as emotionally powerful and usually, it’s a once-in-a-lifetime experience.  Even though much of the country will be able to witness portions of the eclipse, the total eclipse will only be visible on a narrow track stretching from Oregon to South Carolina.  So as you can imagine,

CSE Gardeners

I recently got an email from Michael Frank – better known as Señor Frank to the students of Carolina Springs Elementary School in Lexington, South Carolina.  Señor Frank, the Spanish teacher and the school garden coordinator, sent me some tips about the benefits of double digging raised beds so plants can grow deeper and have access to sub surface moisture reducing the amount of water vegetables need.  Great tip Señor Frank!  As it turns out the Carolina Springs Garden Club, which started as an offshoot from a third grade Spanish unit on the life cycle of plants, has a

Bug Free Backyard

Mar 24, 2017

Insects are an important piece of the natural food chain, but if the buzzing and stinging in your backyard has you running back inside, use these tips to take back your yard.  Change any standing water (like that in a birdbath or kiddie pool) often- stagnant water is a magnet for mosquitoes. 

So, you’ve done some research, you’ve checked into chicken ordinances in your area, and you’re ready to get started.  One of the first steps toward keeping chickens is building a coop.  First, you’ll need to decide what kind of coop you want to build and what your budget might be. 

Have you ever wondered if shredded paper is a good addition to your compost?  The answer is yes, you can compost shredded paper.  The key here is that you want to avoid colored glossy papers as they can contain some toxic heavy metals. 

Bananas are a tasty and healthy snack, but before you throw out the peel, think about this: just like coffee grounds, orange peels, and tea leaves, banana peels have many beneficial, if unconventional uses

Juice Vs. Smoothie

Mar 20, 2017

If you find it difficult to get your five to thirteen servings of fruits and vegetables a day, then juicing or blending might be a good idea to increase your intake.  Juicing can be a convenient way to get more fruits and veggies and blending smoothies is an easy way to get a lot of nutrients quickly.  But which is better for you, Juice or a smoothie?

Spring Projects

Mar 17, 2017

It’s a great time to get outside and enjoy the weather, but with the cold weather on its way out, this is also a good time for some spring cleaning and summer preparations.  Get out the ladder and clear out those gutters and downspouts.  Take stock of any parts of your home that may not have fared well through the winter.  

Upcycle DIY Crafts

Mar 16, 2017

 One man’s trash is another man’s treasure, but you can make treasures from your trash by using these simple upcycle do it yourself ideas.

Reuse CD's

Mar 15, 2017

Music has gone digital for the most part, and while you keep your favorite CD’s on hand, maybe you have a collection of old CD’s of which you’d like dispose.  You could donate them, try to sell them at a yard sale, or simply recycle them, but you could also use them for crafty ventures.

Yesterday we talked about design and location of your vegetable garden.  Today, let’s talk about how to care for your plants.  Now that you’ve decided to plant a garden, think about creating optimal soil with compost.

Spring is here and this is the perfect time to start thinking about planting a vegetable garden!  Growing your own produce is a good way to stretch your grocery budget and feel confident about the food you serve to your family.

The Paleo Diet

Mar 10, 2017

Perhaps you’ve heard of the latest buzzword diet: the Paleo Diet.  But what is a paleo diet, and why should you give it a try?  Simply put, this diet harkens back to the cavemen, which means you can eat anything a caveman could hunt or gather: grass fed meat, fish, nuts, leafy greens, regional veggies and seeds.

Healing Foods

Mar 9, 2017

It seems like common sense, but using food as medicine may be the best way to head off illness before it becomes a problem.  For example, prebiotics and probiotics, those bacteria found in things like yogurt and sauerkraut can help regulate your digestive system and even calm an upset stomach.

Washing fruits and vegetables to remove wax and pesticides is a good idea, but did you know that a white vinegar and water wash kills ninety-eight per cent of germs and removes pesticides?  You can reuse a sanitized spray bottle and combine three parts water to one part white vinegar.

So, you want to grow your own vegetables, but you don’t have the space outside or maybe you want to cultivate your garden year-round.  Did you know there are many different vegetables that you can grow indoors?

Vegan Fast Food

Mar 6, 2017

Plant based diets are good for your health and some studies suggest that a diet free of animal byproducts can reduce health care costs and are better for the environment.  So what do US companies do to encourage us to be meat free?

Plastic bags are ubiquitous in our society, so put your collection to good use with these easy ideas.  Of course you can get an extra use out a plastic bag by lining a trash can or picking up after you pet on your daily walk.  Are you planning to move?  Use plastic bags to wrap and protect your valuables.  Plastic bags are perfect for wrapping your plants on nights when frost threatens. 

More Counter Space

Mar 2, 2017

Kitchen space is a commodity – most of the time you wish you had more of it.  Here are some quick and easy ways to clear your counters of clutter.  Think about investing in an island or even a small kitchen cart for added storage and work space.  Gain counter space and extra drawer space by hanging utensils on the wall and knives on a wall mounted magnetic strip. 

It’s a room you use quite a lot, and remodeling that bathroom can get pricey.  Here are some ideas to refresh your wash room without breaking the bank.  Start by taking stock of what you like in the room.  Have you got a great tub that just needs a fresh coat of paint?  Could you love your vanity again if only it had a new sink or fixtures?  

How to Paint a Room

Feb 28, 2017

I love how a fresh coat of paint can instantly transform the impact of a room.  If you’re open to trying new paint colors, purchase a mis-tint (or what I like to call “Ooops paint”) to save a little money.  Mis-tints are quality paints that just weren’t dyed quite the right shade and are sold at a great discount at paint stores and home improvements stores. 

Looking for a way to spruce up your home without spending a lot of money?  It’s not as difficult as you’d think to redecorate on a budget.  Start by shopping your own home.  Are there items in storage you could reuse?  Think about rearranging furniture between rooms for a new look.  Or move artwork into other rooms for a new color palette. 

Homemade Makeup

Feb 24, 2017

While it’s true that inner beauty needs no make-up, as women we often feel like our outer beauty needs a little cosmetic help.  But if you’re a little nervous about the chemical additives found in many cosmetic brands, think about inventing your own make-up at home with a few simple ingredients.  Keep in mind that the process may take a little experimentation and just because it’s natural doesn’t mean it’s necessarily perfect for your skin.  

Mason Jar DIY

Feb 23, 2017

The Mason jar has made a comeback in recent years, but I’m not just talking about food storage.  Yes, glass jars are great for storing vegetables through the winter and all manner of other food stuffs, but these days, Mason jars are shabby chic decorating tools too.  Not convinced?  Do a Pinterest search for Mason jars and see how many hits you get!  

It has happened to all of us: you open the pantry door and can’t find anything!  When your cupboards are a jumbled mess, finding ingredients can take longer than actually cooking dinner.  Maximize pantry space and keep things organized by installing shelves on the door and adding under-shelf baskets.   If you find there’s not enough space in the cupboard for all your spices, put them on display on the counter top in clear glass jars.  

Beware of Mold

Feb 21, 2017

Few household problems are more terrifying than finding mold.  Not only is it unsightly, it can also be harmful to your health.  Mold thrives in damp, dusty and stagnant conditions, so it’s important to keep your home well ventilated.  Mold is most common in a basement, but can also occur around leaky pipes and windows.  Should you come across mold in your home, clean it without delay and repair any water issues that may have caused the damage.  

Household staples like detergents and cleaners are common items on your grocery list, but rather than overpaying for those name brands, you can make your own at home and save some money!  Laundry detergent is so easy and CHEAP to make, stop buying those expensive brands and make your own with washing soda, baking soda and a bar of soap.  

Avoid Water Waste

Feb 17, 2017

We waste a lot of water in this country!  You’ve taken steps to help the problem like turning off the tap while brushing your teeth, maybe even using in low flow shower heads or investing in rain-water collection systems to save the fresh water Mother Nature gives us.  But take a moment to think about where else water may be wasted.