The underside of an Ilia Under-wing Moth caterpillar (catocala ilia)

From the top, it's gray and black and blends in with the bark of many trees. From underneath, it looks altogether different.

“C” is for Civil War

26 minutes ago

  “C” is for Civil War [1861-1865]. Even before the state had seceded in December 1860, South Carolina had already begun making preparations for a war that most of her citizens believed either would never actually occur or would be of short duration. On April 2, 1861, Confederate gunners began to fire on Fort Sumter. Over the course of the next four years, more than 60,000 South Carolinians either volunteered or were drafted into military service. The Palmetto State was not a major battleground, but it did see a few major campaigns and several minor engagements. One result of the Union victory was the emancipation of 400,000 slaves. A painful consequence of the Civil War was 18,000 to 21,000 men—or one of every fourteen white South Carolinians had been killed or had died from disease while in uniform.

An 'Island Tax' Could Harm One Bright Spot In Greek Economy

46 minutes ago

For years, hotels, shops and restaurants on the far-flung Greek islands kept costs low thanks to a big tax break. And tourism has been one bright spot in Greece's barely functioning economy.

The Greek islands are still enjoying record numbers of tourists this summer.
But now the country's creditors are demanding those islands raise their taxes to the same level as everywhere else in Greece.

The College Board has just released the latest curriculum framework for its Advanced Placement U.S. history course, and it appears to have satisfied many of the old framework's critics.

The re-write comes after anger over its 2014 framework sent the College Board, which administers the AP exam, back to the drawing board.

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Weddings and baby showers are real life milestones to spend with your actual loved ones. True, but in South Korea, a cottage industry exists to help real people find fake friends to fill seats at such life rituals.

At a recent wedding in June, Kim Seyeon showed up as a guest even though she is a total stranger to the bride and groom. She makes about $20 per wedding she attends as a pretend friend.

"When it's the peak wedding season in Korea, sometimes I do two or three acts a day, every weekend," Kim says.

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Kevin Meredith
Mike Switzer

  Fifteen years ago, one of the most successful companies to ever come out of the University of South Carolina-Columbia Technology Incubator, was born.  After initially focusing on simulation and visualization software for the Department of Defense, they ended up creating extremely realistic digital trees that have not only appeared in hit movies like Snow White and the Huntsman, Pirates of the Caribbean, and Avatar, but last year won them a Scientific and Technical Academy Award.

Mike Switzer interviews Kevin Meredith, Director of Business Development for IDV, in Lexington, SC, the company that created the award-winning and now world-famous Speedtree software.


Walter Edgar's Journal

Collecting Antiques and Art

--- All Stations: Fri, Aug 7, 12 pm | News Stations: Sun, Aug 9, 4 pm --- (Originally Broadcast 02/06/15) - The topic on this week's Walter Edgar's Journal is Collecting--antiques, fine art, and decorative art. Southern art—and South Carolina art in particular—has become increasingly desirable to collectors as well as average art collectors in the last ten years. There is even a market for 20th century furniture and decorative items. But, with sea change in the auction business brought about by the World Wide Web, prices and desirability of certain objects can rise and fall drastically, in a short period of time. Dr. Edgar is joined by two guests who can offer perspective on collecting; Ronald Long, President of Columbia’s Charlton Hall Gallery, and Callie Belser, a South Carolinian who is currently Associate Vice President, Specialist, 20th Century Decorative Arts and Design at Christie’s, NY.
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