Mysteries of Carolina Bays

2 minutes ago

  Hello Gardeners, I’m Amanda McNulty with Clemson Extension and Making It Grow. On a recent trip with Austin Jenkins (see his blog at Saunter in the Sandhills and learn about trips he leads), Austin explained the current theory of how Carolina Bays were created. He first discussed the reasons that don’t support earlier theories such as meteor showers, ice comet explosions or even dinosaur footprints! He then explained the idea supported by James Luken, of Coastal Carolina University which suggests that wind and waves have shaped these natural land formations that have caused such speculation over the years. He reports that in the Arctic coastal plain they have eroding lakes that are developing the same elipitical shape as our the Carolina Bays that are found across the coastal plain of both North and South Carolina and Georgia. Mr. Savage was right about one thing, these land formations do hold many mysteries.

“R” is for the Rock Hill Movement

34 minutes ago

  “R” is for the Rock Hill Movement. Led by the politically charged students of Friendship Junior College, the Rock Hill Movement signaled a major change in the protest tactics by black Carolinians—supplementing legal challenges with direct, large-scale demonstrations against segregation laws and customs. A boycott of the city’s segregated bus system forced the company out of business. Within days of the first Greensboro sit-in, almost all 224 students at Friendship organized similar demonstrations at segregated facilities in Rock Hill. Students jailed for their protests adopted the “jail, no bail” tactic that brought national attention. The sit-ins that began in Rock Hill soon spread across South Carolina. While the Rock Hill Movement failed in its immediate efforts to desegregate downtown businesses, its participants influenced young black activists across the South.

    Before you could play video games, and watch movies in your car on your phones, tablets and back-seat TV's, people were creative and played word games with their families on road trips. During one such recent trip, our next guest, an Upstate attorney, came up with a new word game that was such a big hit with her family, she decided to leave the law firm and launch a Kickstarter campaign to bring the game to market.

Mike Switzer interviews Kristin Burrell, owner of Vistavation in Greenville, SC and the game she created is called Redonkulary.

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  Everybody changes as they grow older. Juvenile snakes, however, often have such different markings from adults of their species that they are hard to identify.

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Harper Lee being awarded the Presidential Medal of Freedom, November 5, 2007.
White House photo by Eric Draper via Wikimedia Commons

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