It’s a good habit to think about ways to reuse an item before you throw it away and old sports equipment can definitely find new life in your home.  Think outside the baseball diamond and turn old wooden bats into decorative furniture. 

A flood of migrants, including refugees from Syria and Afghanistan, are now stranded in Budapest after the Hungarian government closed down the city's main train terminal.

Authorities had been allowing migrants to travel to Western Europe without checking passports but on Tuesday, the station was closed and migrants began protesting.

President Obama has slow-jammed the news on late-night TV and sat down with wacky YouTube celebrities — but the show he's joining this week might just make those appearances look buttoned up and boring.

Robert Schumann called taking the titles of musical compositions too literally “clumsy.” Schumann’s friend Franz Liszt, on the other hand, coined the term “program music,” and said that when a piece has a program, or story, the musical ideas should clearly reflect the unfolding of the story—although that’s the same Franz Liszt who attached a “program” to his symphonic poem Les Préludes long after he had actually written the music.

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The "Immortal" Spider?

2 hours ago
Southern House Spider, Kukulcania hibernalis, at Congaree National Park, SC.
Theresa Thom, via Wikimedia Commons

A listener reports seeing a spider in his home, "for years." It's not the same individual, but, it's a member of a species that thrives in South Carolina: the Southern House Spider.

  “H” is for Home Schooling. Between the mid-1970s and the turn of the 21st century, the number of home-schooled children in the United States grew from approximately fifteen thousand to more than one million. The number of home-schooled students in South Carolina also increased rapidly during this time. The majority of home-schooled children in South Carolina are from white, middle-class, evangelical Protestant families, although African American and Hispanic families are choosing to home school in increasing numbers. In 1988 the General Assembly passed the first modern piece of home-schooling legislation, which required local school boards to approve home-schooling programs. In 1990 the South Carolina Association of Independent Home Schools [SCAIHS] was incorporated as a private approval organization for home-school families, negating the need for parents to gain approval of local school boards.

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